Halloween & Asthma

How to Have a Healthy Happy Halloween For Sufferers

Kari Schneider

Halloween is right around the corner and that means more smoke machines, car fumes, organic duff, and walking blocks and blocks for candy. If you or your little one has asthma, it can wreak havoc and cause inflammation. There are a few great tips to helping asthma and making Halloween happy rather than end in tears.

#1: Bring the rescue inhaler. You have no idea how many times I've been out during Halloween thinking things are fine and then...oh no. That's why I always bring the inhaler now.

#2: Be aware of the chemicals in masks. Masks can be treated with chemicals and manufactured in countries that don't have strict regulations. This can add to misery for anyone with asthma, but is easily fixed with a little research.

#3: Make note of where the risks are. That haunted house or ghooly facade with all the smoke. Make note of it before you get too close. That way you'll be able to stear clear of any danger flash points.